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Our Story

In 2007, urged by an entrepreneurial spirit and the notion that a construction company could provide big service without the beaurocracy, Craig founded Garland Building Company. Since then, we’ve served clients large and small with attentiveness, responsiveness, and the good planning and decision-making that have become the trademark of our firm. The fundamental tenets of committing to the customer, of listening to various perspectives and coalescing into a seamless project, and of treating everyone with honesty and respect are the basis of our operation.


At Garland, we perform safety inspections and site reviews on all projects to ensure workers comply with company policies and government safety regulations. Our general Superintendent works with a 3rd party Safety Services firm and is responsible for creating and implementing safety policies, workplace inspections, accident investigations, training, and compliance with the federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.


Garland has put in place a safety program to help reduce accidents and prevent losses. We properly train our superintendents and construction managers, along with the field staff about any changes in policies and continue to monitor our safety performance while continually developing site-specific safety programs. Garland Building has no OSHA recordable incidents in the 12 years we have been in business and our current modification rate is .85. We endeavor to keep all sites safe for our employees, partners on the job, clients and the general public.


Garland’s program doesn’t stop with our own workers, we adhere to the buildings programs to ensure that our work does not affect the safety of those working around us. Garland’s safety program also identifies training needs not only for our own employees but for the subcontractors working with us.


At Garland Building safety is everyone’s responsibility… we are DEDICATED TO SAFETY.


Garland Building Company supports many nonprofit organizations and charitable events.

It’s a way to connect with colleagues, a way to have fun…and a way to give back to the community where we live and work. Some of our ongoing relationships include Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay and MDA’s Muscle Team Boston.