In 2007, urged by an entrepreneurial spirit and the notion that a construction company could provide big service without the beaurocracy, Craig founded Garland Building Company. Since then, we’ve served clients large and small with attentiveness, responsiveness, and the good planning and decision-making that have become the trademark of our firm. The fundamental tenets of committing to the customer, of listening to various perspectives and coalescing into a seamless project, and of treating everyone with honesty and respect are the basis of our operation.

Our Services

We expect to meet your timetable and make the process one you want to repeat, not avoid.

We specialize in serving the needs of the downtown client, where responsiveness, convenience, creativity, and the ability to navigate the environment is critical.

Planning + Preconstruction

Getting the details right from the start sets the stage for the rest of the project to flow smoothly. Our unique model minimizes handoffs and maximizes accountability. We ask the right questions, not simply interpret a set of drawings.


  • Budget and Schedule at any stage of design development
  • Value engineering / cost
  • Procurement of long lead items
  • Bid package preparation
  • Subcontractor prequal and award
  • Establish GMP
  • Work letter review and site due diligence


  • Site survey and due diligence
  • Early-stage analysis of feasibility
  • Logistics and execution plans
  • Cash flow

Project Consulting

Need help coordinating the details? We offer support integrating owner-provided vendors and services:

  • Moving and storage
  • Furniture systems installations
  • IT, AV and security
  • Site communications with key stakeholders

Construction + General Contracting

We draw from the planning/precon phases and begin implementation with the information to mobilize and commence construction quickly. We deliver the construction phase according to plan, minimizing changes and surprises.

  • Site logistics plans
  • Safety
  • Cleanliness
  • Project reporting and control documentation
  • Quality control
  • Punchlist
  • O+M and warranties
  • Closeout
  • Emergency response to site damage

Permit Connections

Boston's permitting process is wrought with complexities and vague subtleties. Missteps cause delays costing valuable time and money. Acting as your liaison, we'll remove the guesswork from the permit process. We research, complete your application, acquire and deliver permits for all of your City of Boston projects. We recognize the importance of building and maintaining trust to promote longterm relationships with our customers, our employees and the City of Boston personnel. These relationships are ultimately critical to making any project happen.

Our Team

We believe that true partnership means participation and accountability.

Garland Building Company specializes in the needs of the client, focused on maintaining the design intent while managing costs, access, trade harmony, safe operations, and aggressive schedules. Offering alternatives and discussing intent helps our clients achieve the best results within their project constraints.

Craig Garland

Craig Garland


Craig holds ultimate responsibility for Garland operations and is on a first-name basis with Garland clients. With over two decades in the construction industry, Craig is an energetic and knowledgeable resource, as well as an entrepreneur and good business partner.

Craig received his BS in Construction Management from Wentworth Institute of Technology, as well as a MBA from Suffolk Sawyer School of Management.

Michael Meade

Michael Meade

Vice President

Mike is a seasoned project leader with numerous years’ experience in the administration and implementation of various sized construction projects. He has been an integral part of the operations and management of the Garland organization since its inception and oversees the project management team ensuring each project is completed successfully from both Garland and the owner’s perspectives.

Mike holds a BS in Architectural Engineering from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Sean Fogarty

Sean Fogarty

Senior Project Manager

Sean is an experienced project manager with more than 15 years in the industry, primarily in urban environments. His expertise is in managing challenging and complex projects requiring strong skills at both the strategic and tactical levels

Sean holds a BS in Architectural Engineering from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Brian Durkin

Brian Durkin

Project Manager

Brian manages multiple projects of varying size and complexity. He performs various construction administration tasks while maintaining communication and coordination with the entire project team. Brian’s effective communication, detailed coordination and understanding of the nuances of tenant construction make him an asset to each project he manages.

Brian holds a BS in Business Administration from the University of Massachusetts - Lowell.

Brittney Ginivan

Brittney Ginivan

Project Manager

Brittney handles the day-to-day management of multiple projects, coordinating with subcontractors, owners, architects, and engineers. She brings multiple perspectives to a project and is able to integrate the needs and communicate effectively, building consensus and moving the project forward. She has valuable experience in the interiors market and helps the project team succeed by offering this perspective, aiding in the total project completion, beyond the construction process.

Brittney holds a BS in Interior Design from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Christina Guarnotta

Christina Guarnotta

Permitting Specialist

Christina handles project administration, office management, and the permitting paperwork necessary to obtain all regulatory approvals from agencies for construction and occupancy. Well-known in the construction industry, she now provides her expertise to other firms as an independent service for contractors, architects, and a wholly owned subsidiary. She assists the project managers and estimating team in communicating throughout the process.

Christina holds an AS from Hickox School of Management and has been in the construction industry since 1992.

Molly Newcomb

Molly Newcomb

Assistant Project Manager

Molly has an excellent understanding of the day-to-day administrative requirements necessary for a timely and successful project delivery. She is attentive with exceptional organizational skills and provides quick and thorough responses that facilitate forward progress on each project she works on.

Molly holds a BS in Business Management from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Daniel O'Neill

Daniel O'Neill

General Superintendent

Dan leads Garland field operations. His experience, attitude, and generally responsive nature set the tone on Garland jobsites for safety, harmony, and minimal disruption to operations. He works directly with building owners, management companies and clients to ensure that all expectations and schedules are met.

Dan has been a member of the Garland team since day one and has over 20 years of experience overseeing construction projects and personnel.


Garland Building Company supports many nonprofit organizations and charitable events.

It's a way to connect with colleagues, a way to have fun...and a way to give back to the community where we live and work. Some of our ongoing relationships include Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay and MDA’s Muscle Team Boston.

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