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Getting the details right from the start sets the tone for the project and clarifies expectations. Our approach offers more than just interpreting a set of drawings. We ask the right questions, assist in resolving any X-factors, share industry news, insights and beyond.


  • Budget and Schedule at any stage of design development
  • Value engineering / cost
  • Procurement of long lead items
  • Bid package preparation
  • Subcontractor pre-qualification and award
  • Establish GMP
  • Work letter review and site due diligence


  • Site survey and due diligence
  • Early-stage analysis of feasibility
  • Logistics and execution plans
  • Cash flow
  • Material Procurement
  • Permitting
Construction Planning and Pre-construction Services


Garland’s next-level approach to construction management goes beyond traditional means and methods.  We demonstrate an uncanny ability to conduct construction activities, often times, in heavily occupied environments while traversing the ever-challenging intricacies of urban buildings due to our propensity to foresee challenges before they are problems, plan for the unexpected and mitigate risk.

  • Proactive cost control, project planning and schedule
  • Approvals, permitting, insurance and bonding
  • Existing conditions investigations and surveys
  • Environmental testing and analysis
  • LEED/Green building sustainability
  • Jobsite cleanliness and good housekeeping practices
  • Quality assurance and management
  • Site safety, risk management and prevention
  • Constructability and feasibility studies
  • Construction coordination
  • Value engineering
  • Contract management
  • Logistics and materials management
  • Personnel and labor relations
  • Compliance with state and local codes and regulations
  • Coordination of final subcontractor closeout, punchlist and occupancy facilitation


Garland’s Special Projects Division combines our expertise and knowledge of corporate interiors to Boston-area tenants and building managers that are seeking a specialized contractor that can perform smaller fast-paced commercial projects or general building repairs with the same professionalism, safety and quality as typically found on larger Garland projects. Our highly skilled craftspeople can navigate the unique nuances of smaller projects by offering wide variety of comprehensive, cost-efficient solutions and when needed, engage our vast network of architects, engineers, subcontractors, and associates to achieve optimal results with minimal disruption to ongoing operations or occupants.

Special Projects can be both broad and robust but below is a partial list services and solutions that merely highlight the unlimited scope of work provided by this division:

  • Tenant sub-lease construction & repair work
  • COVID-19 compliance and workflow assessments
  • Workspace & common area reconfigurations & modifications
  • Adding or demising Offices, Huddle and/or Focus Rooms
  • Replacement or upgrading finishes such as carpet, paint, or doors & hardware
  • Post-construction maintenance & repairs
  • Emergency response to site damage & restoration
  • Touchless systems such as plumbing, electrical, motion sensors, door pulls etc
  • Endless Carpentry services and more…..


Boston’s permitting process is wrought with complexities and vague subtleties. Missteps cause delays, costing valuable time and money. Acting as your liaison, we’ll remove the guesswork from the permit process. We research, complete your application, acquire and deliver permits for all of your City of Boston projects. We recognize the importance of building and maintaining trust to promote long-term relationships with our customers, our employees and the City of Boston personnel. These relationships are vital to making any project successful.