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Evoke Mind + Matter

Evoke Mind + Matter’s new office spans 7,000 SF on the 12th floor of 33 Arch Street. It combines modern-industrial aesthetics with personalized touches, creating a dynamic workspace. The space features exposed ceilings and sleek concrete floors, giving it a contemporary look.


In the pantry area, warm wood accents add a personal touch. Notably, the kitchen area boasts a unique and eye-catching light fixture, serving as a focal point of the space.Throughout the workspace, bold artwork has been thoughtfully incorporated, adding character and vibrancy to the environment. However, what distinguishes this project is the meticulously planned architectural lighting. It not only accentuates breakout and collaborative areas but also ensures a well-lit and functional workspace. This project exemplifies the seamless integration of design and practicality in crafting an inspiring and functional office space

TYPELife Sciences
LOCATION33 Arch Street
TEAMDyer Brown
SIZE7,000 SF