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Garland’s Best Kept Secret

Garland’s Special Projects Division combines our expertise and knowledge of corporate interiors to Boston-area tenants and building managers that are seeking a specialized contractor that can perform smaller fast-paced commercial projects or general building repairs with the same professionalism, safety and quality as typically found on larger Garland projects. Our highly skilled craftspeople can navigate the unique nuances of smaller projects by offering wide variety of comprehensive, cost-efficient solutions and when needed, engage our vast network of architects, engineers, subcontractors, and associates to achieve optimal results with minimal disruption to ongoing operations or occupants.


Special Projects can be both broad and robust but below is a partial list services and solutions that merely highlight the unlimited scope of work provided by this division:

  • Tenant sub-lease construction & repair work
  • COVID-19 compliance and workflow assessments
  • Workspace & common area reconfigurations & modifications
  • Adding or demising Offices, Huddle and/or Focus Rooms
  • Replacement or upgrading finishes such as carpet, paint, or doors & hardware
  • Post-construction maintenance & repairs
  • Emergency response to site damage & restoration
  • Touchless systems such as plumbing, electrical, motion sensors, door pulls etc
  • Endless Carpentry services and more…..


Since our inception, smaller projects with limited budgets, complex details and compressed timelines have not only given us the greatest satisfaction as a contractor but is one of the cornerstones of our company’s rich history.  Allow us to partner with you on your next tiny but mighty project.  Contact us at [email protected]