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Heading Home Community Work

April 2019

Garland Building and Fusion Design partnered with Heading Home on their Lorello Up & Out Program.


This program pairs volunteer groups with local homeless families or individuals who are making the big leap from shelter to permanent housing. As volunteers, we had the opportunity to furnish and decorate a new apartment, alleviating the financial burden for clients moving into the new space. We were fortunate to have almost 20 volunteers show up making cleanup, furniture move-in, decorating and stocking the kitchen a speedy process. All the coordination was thanks to Martha Buckley, Director of Development for Heading Home. It was a touching experience for all those involved as we welcomed the family home to their clean, furnished and decorated home and handed over the keys alongside Heading Home representative, Jillian Smith.


“Words cannot express enough just how very very grateful I am to have had your team from Garland alongside the Fusion team make Saturday such a special and meaningful experience. Thank you so very much! I know that there was a lot of work and thought that went into making each piece of Pam, Pete and Adriana’s new space genuinely feel like home, and you all thought of every detail. Coordinating folks to take a personal Saturday to help make this move possible was just so incredibly meaningful to us here at Heading Home, and I just want you and the team to know how much we appreciate your time and care.” 

– Martha Buckley,

Director of Development, Heading Home